[英語専門]高崎英学院Takasaki Eigakuin


高崎英学院 was established some 40 years ago as a preparatory school majoring in English as a sister-school of 新宿 CEC foreign languages center (Principal Mr. Peter Beland)and has developed as a 塾 dealing with math, Japanese, science and social studies. I would like to graduate from juku in general, as I have managed it for approximately 40 years, in other words, one generation, after the retirement from a foreign trading company in Tokyo.

>From now on I would like to concentrate on and specialize in the Education of English appreciating the co-operations having been given by lots of people up to now.





As you know, in a few years, English will be adopted in every elementary school in Japan. The world proceeding in IT(Information Technology) requires the people with some level of English knowledge, that means, those who have little knowledge of it will have difficulties in finding even their own job. Also by using your personal computers our routine daily lives will greatly depend upon, and will get informations through INTERNET prepared by every company and public organizations and so on all over the world.

We suppose that English lessons in elementary schools will be mainly on the basis of practical conversation, and we have our own know-how and experience of educating infants and children resulting in cultivating their ability in both oral and jotting English.

Our aim is to let all elementary school pupils pass 英検5級 by the end of 6th school year. Some of them will attain from 英検4級 to 英検3級 with the best.

Anyway, we would like to let the elementary school pupils grow as the advanced top runners in English knowledge and ability before entering his or her own junior high school.

Any grade pupils will be cordially accepted up to 小6 with whom he or she has an intention to be fluent in English.

In order to investigate the result(s) of our English Education, we would like to ask the parents concerned to let your child participate in 英検 without fail.

ENTRANCE GUIDE     Elementary school pupil

school year capacity time schedule lecture fee(内税)
1st~3rd school year pupil Up to 2/ea. grade once a week 1 hour ¥8,000/month
4th~6th school year pupil Up to 2/ea. grade once a week 1 hour ¥10,000/month


  • 4th school-year pupils × 2名 (英検5級合格)
  • 6th school-year pupil × 1名 (英検4級合格)
  • 6th school-year pupils × 5名 (英検5級合格)
  • 5th school-year pupils × 2名 (英検5級合格)


This system for the above students is entirely new and specialized one provided only for those who aim the highest and well-objected grade English training irrespective of the contents of daily-use textbook(教科書).

This course will pay a little attention to the preparation and review of normal textbook, instead, pay a high ratio of attention to”英検”and TOEIC.

Many 英検3級 holders were and are in our course of Junior High School Third-Grade students, still more, some of them are making efforts to attain and succeeded in 英検準2級 in Oct. or in Jan.

Consequently our ideal is to bring up students with the fluency of writing and reading English. We would like to give lectures with not only school textbook but also with English newspapers, such as THE JAPAN TIMES, THE STUDENT TIMES, AND THE MAINICHI-Weekly etc…as teaching materials in the very near future, starting with our printing materials at first.

Our study will be far beyond the routine English studied at school with the purpose of rearing the students with high potentiality of English.

Of course, some preparation for exams. at each Junior high school will be done soon before the English test held at each middle high school.

We would like to do our best to teach English available for the future various jobs, therefore, we need students who want to study English intending the occupation using English in the future.

ENTRANCE GUIDE     Junior high school student

school year capacity time schedule lecture fee(内税)
1st school year student Up to 2/ea. grader once a week 1.5 hour ¥13,000/month
2nd school year student Up to 2/ea. grader once a week 1.5 hour ¥15,000/month
3rd school year student Up to 2/ea. grader once a week 1.5 hour ¥17,000/month


  • 1st school year student_ Up to 英検4級
  • 2nd school year student Up to 英検3級
  • 3rd school year student_ Up to 英検準2級(including Entrance Exam.(自校問題) preparation.


高崎英学院 has more than 40 years’ experience of English Education in Takasaki, resulting in having brought up lots of graduates who have had fluent English abilities. Some have grown up to be teachers, doctors, office staffs in trading companies, lawyer, representative in foreign countries and so many…… I would like to suggest to you to try to take and clear TOEIC over 470 (which is equivalent to 英検準2級) when you are 2nd school - year students.

So far as English for university entrance exam. is concerned, we would like you to challenge over 60 deviation ratio(偏差値60以上)universities. The higher the deviation ratio is, the higher our motivations will become. One of the materials is 「合格する!医・歯・薬への英語」(Tokyo core)Those students who have over 50 deviation ratio in English are cordially welcome.



英検2級 (high-school graduate level) requires approximately 7500 words vocabulary, in other words, you are to be required almost the same vocabulary or at least over 6500 words to take and pass the exams of universities asking 偏差値55 or over.

We have contrived, from some 30 years’ experience, a unique method to enrich your vocabulary using English newspaper, THE JAPAN TIMES, THE STUDENT TIMES, American on English originals and our printings and so on.

I recommend TOEIC〈後述〉to those who have achieved 偏差値55 or over because of the reason that TOEIC is internationally (more than 3.5 million people try it in the world) recognized test to show the ability of English, and you are capable of getting wide-range of job everywhere in the world, while 英検 may be useful in getting recommendations from high school to universities, as is spread in Japan.

ENTRANCE GUIDE High school student

school year capacity time schedule lecture fee(内税)
1st school year student Up to 1/ea. Grader once a week 2 hours ¥20,000/month
2nd school year student Up to 1/ea. Grader once a week 2 hours ¥23,000/month
3rd school year student Up to 1/ea. Grader once a week 2 hours ¥27,000/month

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)とは…

在米非営利機関のEnglish Testing Service(ETS) による試験で、現在世界約60カ国において定期的に実施されている試験です。スコアは最低10から最高990で受験者に通知されます。又、大学入試査定資料としても重要性を増しています。企業、公官庁、学校などの機関で、採用、昇進、昇格。海外派遣〔駐在員〕選抜の基準にされています。年々その重要性は、高まり世界各国で350万人の受験者を数えます。